The Brooklyn Brothers

The Brooklyn Brothers
The people have spoken. What a journey 2020 has
been for the Brooklyn Brothers and, in many ways,
the best year yet. Despite all odds, their modern,
Earned-first approach has ensured their success.
As well as driving clients’ growth with a wealth of
culturally relevant work, Brooklyn have led the way
in championing diversity and social inclusion with
the industry-first Night School and News School. All
whilst navigating the pandemic and getting to grips
with Zoom...

Brooklyn’s brave brand platforms have risen
above the noise; infiltrating culture with the Ted
Lasso series, normalising the realities of imperfect
parenting with #ThisIsParenthood, igniting a global
conversation on responsible capitalism with FT and
making money a wellness issue with First Direct.
As well as driving over 80% organic growth for our
clients, and supporting them during Covid-19,
Brooklyn have also attracted 41 opportunities,
generating a total of £17.5m new business billings..
We have strong female leaders in our CEO and
Managing Directors roles, who have implemented
and championed the ‘Do you’ vision and led industry
change with WACL’s flexible-first approach to
working. Along with their ‘Make it Happy’ wellness
team, Brooklyn have retained 90% (happy!) staff.
100% of entry level recruits have been
ethnically diverse with Night School and News
School supporting 40 diverse graduates.

Brooklyn’s Agency of The Year submission curated
quotes from their clients, collaborators and talent;
those who have experienced Earned-first, first hand.
After all, if anything has been learnt from 2020, it’s
the importance of long-lasting, healthy relationships.