Andy Nairn, Lucky Generals

Lucky Generals created one of the year’s most lauded ads – Amazon’s Christmas campaign, featuring a spirited ballerina. The theme of the spot was “The show must go on” and this was also a good description of Andy Nairn’s approach to 2020.

Specifically, he:

•Continued to lead the industry agenda, especially on how to respond to the unfolding crisis

•Developed standout work for clients like the Co-op and PHE

•Walked the walk on the big issues, from race and the environment to the pandemic and social mobility.

•Helped Lucky Generals avoid redundancies, grow its headcount and keep its income steady

•Built another successful agency (the sports specialist Dark Horses)

•Oh, and somehow found time to write a book along the way

In this most chaotic of years, Andy proved that strategic planning was more relevant than ever, as long as it was agile, imaginative and biased to action.

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