Drew Benvie

The accidental early adopter, Drew Benvie turned his initial fascination with social media into his agency’s industry-leading USP. After landing his first PR job in 1999 in a tech startup surrounded by developers, he taught himself HTML in his spare time and inadvertently became one of the UK’s first bloggers. In 2006 he wrote the page on ‘social media’ on Wikipedia, and in 2012 decided to launch a PR agency for the social media age – Battenhall.

The past 12 months has been a breakout year for Drew at the helm of Battenhall. In the company’s 10th year in business he launched a non-profit to teach social media safety to the underprivileged, became a household name through featuring on TV as a commentator on social media and PR, and steered Battenhall’s 120-person team to delivering a record volume of support to charities by leading Battenhall’s ‘20% time’ initiative.

Alongside this, Drew led Battenhall to deliver all-time high revenue growth of over £2m in 2023, launched new DE&I initiatives, and doubled the size of Battenhall's London HQ.