Born Social

2023 was the breakout year for Born Social - taking the lead in digital innovation. We outperformed the social category with 34% revenue growth (benchmark 10% - AAR) achieving £10.2m revenue, and £6m in new business. Wins included Europe’s two largest social pitches - Ford from WPP, and a highstreet bank. Peloton, Ubisoft, Value Retail and Five Guys also joined us.

We innovated four industry-leading products: Newsroom - our real-time reactive unit, Creators - our integrated influencer offering, Caliper - our social measurement tool, and Croudies - our flexible resourcing technology. This unrivalled investment was central to £3.2m in organic growth and a healthy 22% EBITDA. We led Guinness to Brand of the Year, Primark to Christmas cut-through and Nando’s to TikTok infamy. But it wasn’t all brands and business. We led workplace culture, social agencies are notorious for talent burnout. Championing flexibility and care for our people with policies and principles resulting in low talent churn and high team satisfaction - named as Outstanding by Best Companies. We launched Born Ready, our trainee scheme for diverse talent. We gave payrises and bonuses to everyone and supported our talent to adapt to hybrid-working. We’ve loved every minute of 2023.