Caroline Parkes

Caroline’s contribution to the agency, to clients’ and to the industry as a whole has been significant in 2022, founded always in her continued desire to learn and her influence as a leader who drives change in deeds, not words.

Always with an eye on the future, she is a creative strategist who loves data and is immersed in customer experience, someone who believes that brands are built from a million different touchpoints, and not just from TV downwards. Her attention to detail, to craft, and data-led creativity makes Caroline a powerful influence on both client work and agency culture.

Since she moved up to become Chief Strategy Officer this year, Caroline has upskilled herself, leaning into how the world is changing, identifying the possibilities and supercharging them with creativity. She understands the fast pace of change and is motivated by a commitment to helping clients get the most from new tools, techniques and thinking.

Always authentic, Caroline is passionate about doing the right thing and taking others along with her. She unflinchingly builds purpose into her strategy and stands up for what she believes in every time, driving the agenda on diversity and sustainability in the industry.