Chris Freeland

Chris’ drive for inclusivity and diversity at RAPP has been influential across the industry, pioneering a culture where talk and intentions are turned into action and change. New policies on flexibility, childcare and fertility support have contributed to staff satisfaction, with 82% saying they are happy in their roles. Everyone has the freedom to avoid the morning rush hour or leave early when they need to. RAPP’s hybrid model bends over backwards in its flexibility to accommodate everyone’s needs, which is why all employees can work from anywhere on the planet for four weeks each year.

The positive effect of this can be seen not only in the agency’s staff, but in its overall performance. RAPP won the biggest Customer Experience pitch of the year with Virgin Media O2 and created some ground-breaking and supremely effective campaigns for big brands including Samsung, Ikea, and KFC.

RAPP’s outstanding year is also the product of Chris’s success in the continual refinement of the agency’s end-to-end proposition, made possible by the merger of RAPP and Proximity in 2020, and turned into a reality under Chris’ leadership.