Dylan Williams, Droga5 London

Dylan Williams guided Droga5 London to staggering growth and industry-leading strategic thinking and creative work despite the pandemic. 2020 proved the agency’s strongest year yet.

Dylan doubled down on his “Culture First, Culture Fast” mantra, ensuring the agency stayed true to its creative ethos and help grow its revenues by a hugely impressive 36% with new international assignments from Amazon, Coca-Cola, VW Cupra and Deleón Tequila and an expansion of relationships with clients including Facebook and Kimberly-Clark.

Under his leadership, Droga5 produced a diverse range of culture-defining creatively effective work - notably Amazon’s Super Bowl spot “Before Alexa”, which became the most watched Super Bowl commercial ever.

Dylan led his team to launch a new car marque for VW during a pandemic; to help Barclaycard support customers with their finances through lockdown; and to enable Facebook to guide UK business through 2020.

Dylan also ensured brands kept ahead of the wider impact of the pandemic with the Covid-19 Culture Tracker, a tool so effective it was picked up by the wider Accenture Interactive network as a template for future forecasting.

In addition Dylan also launched The Green Pivot, an online conference of leading lights exploring how brands can foster a green economic recovery.

His thought leadership on Ethical Consumption then became a key chapter in Facebook’s “Build Brilliant Brands” book.

Dylan’s leadership, insights and strategic thinking drove client business, creative excellence and helped the industry move forward through its most challenging year ever.