Ete Davies


In 2021, Ete Davies transformed Engine Creative into a culture-leading innovation hub and expanded its integrated capabilities to harness new opportunities for clients.

He instigated the creation of the agency’s multi-award-winning “Long live the Prince” work where young football star Kiyan Prince returned as a virtual player in Fifa21 on the 15th anniversary of his death; led Engine to support E.ON’s agenda on sustainability; furthered Sky’s mission to go net-zero carbon by 2030 with a fully net-zero campaign; guided new client Greene King through a brand overhaul; and helped Santander outsmart the big four.

Engine Creative is now projected to hit 1% growth in revenue to over £1.5m through new client wins - such as Pizza Express and WWF - alongside organic growth with existing clients, including Santander, the Government and Lowell.

Ete also launched Engine Creative’s social practice NGN-Lab, to harness the social commerce boom for its clients and led the evolution of Engine’s innovation arm into Experience & Innovation. Ete is a celebrated DE&I game changer, and in 2021 he advanced on the ambitious DE&I goals he set for Engine. His target was to achieve 50/50 gender equality and 20/80 for 2023 – in 2021 Engine already achieved its ethnicity target with a 20/80 threshold and is very close to hitting its gender target with 48/52 female/male split. Ete built Engine Creative into an integrated innovation hub in 2021. He has enabled his agency to surpass all ambitions and Engine is now more than ready for its next stage of evolution.