George Bryant, The Brooklyn Brothers

We’re not starving artists.

We’re creative leaders and our job is remarkably simple.

To ensure that every idea we put out into the world is an

idea that matters.

We must never waste the opportunity afforded to us by the

brands that we work with, to make a positive impact on the

culture we serve.

And that’s never been more important.

As I look at the work I’ve made in this insane year, it’s my

privilege to have created ideas that matter with some of the

most talented and committed people I’ve ever worked with.

From helping global clients like the Financial Times to

champion a new agenda for capitalism to working with

challenger brands like Waterwipes to help struggling

parents and Bumble to empower young women.

From creating initiatives like Night School to bring young,

diverse talent into our industry or the News School partnership

with FT to open the door to people from lower sociodemographic


From self-initiated projects like We Are Your Neighbours to

fuel the lockdown spirit in local communities, to working with

Creative England to champion the broader UK creative industry.

Along the way, together with my brilliant partner Jackie

Stevenson, I’m proud to have led our agency to its most

successful year ever in terms of new business, client growth and global creative recognition. It has been quite a year.