It may sound like overclaim, but we believe media agencies have the opportunity, privilege, and duty to make our society, indeed our world, a better place.

Our industry prides itself on being able to influence the way the population thinks, behaves, and spends. But what we aren’t doing enough is influencing each other to be better businesses; using our power for the greater good.

Entering 2021, looking to rebuild our business, we had a renewed passion for doing the right thing. Not just by our clients in delivering the very best results, or by our people, ensuring their happiness, but for the social and environmental benefit of our global community.

As industry and agency leaders, we wanted to use our financial, creative, and entrepreneurial resources to eliminate the negative impact of our media campaigns, redress societal inequalities and foster inclusion and diversity within our industry and work. We have taken actions and made commitments that make us more responsible, more accountable, and simply better.

This has been driving us, uniting us, keeping us awake, and rewarding us along the way.

And it’s what we believe qualifies us as contender for Agency of the Year.