Gravity Road

Gravity Road has always sought to create things that people want to spend time with - ideas that people will love and be entertained by, ideas born for brands and designed for digital audiences. We call it Time Well Spent.

We’re proud to be part of the Brandtech group, You & Mr Jones, the category-leading Brandtech group, and to have played our part in helping it raise another $260MM in 2020 at a valuation of US $1.36 billion. The group enables Gravity Road to operate at the centre of the latest technology with record commercial growth in 2020, and affords us access to tools that give our work greater creative and commercial impact.

This group tech toolkit is made up of investments in progressive and exciting AI, data, and AR businesses, all the way through to new advances in ground-breaking developmental areas of digital humans. It’s allowed Gravity Road to use advanced audience tools, generating personalisation at scale to deliver geo-targeted marketing for Sainsbury’s; helping Visit Britain deliver safer domestic tourism during a pandemic; having fun creating Lego AR lenses to build brand affection during lockdown; through to leading the charge on the fastest growing category of consumer media - gaming.