Gravity Road

In a year of white hot tech innovation, what does it mean to be Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2023? As proud multiple time winners of this accolade, we know well what it takes. Or rather, what it has taken. But in this year - a year of seismic tech innovation - it feels….different. The bar got higher. Platforms proliferate. Thanks to Gen AI, now everybody can at least sound like they "talk tech". So in 2023 it’s been our role as an industry leader to convincingly show how all the advances in technology rapidly rewriting tomorrow, can actually drive greater creative effectiveness today. That meant 2023 was about helping clients embrace technology and platforms in smart, progressive ways at scale, deep in the heart of marketing plans. We kept it real. And we doubled down on the work: real work - demonstrably effective, creatively sharp for many of the world's biggest advertisers. This allowed us navigated the tough economic climate by successfully focussing on global growth, with over 40% of revenues now coming from outside of the UK. In all, 2023 saw Gravity Road at its smart, playful and curious best.