Havas UK

Havas’ new business team, led out of London by Global CMO Tracey Barber, is demonstrably the best in the business. No other team does more than we do; no other teams wins more than we do.

Our team of 21, proudly 85% female and 20% BAME, boasts the largest and most comprehensive remit in the industry. Not only are we responsible for Havas’ 22 discipline-spanning UK agencies, but for all 200+ Havas Creative agencies globally, including its CX, production and PR networks.

In 2021, we’ve been instrumental in winning some of the largest and most hotly contested pitches in the UK – including Asda, Volkswagen Group, IAG, UKTV, De Beers, Sport England, and Pfizer. We were also fundamental to Havas retaining its place on the much-coveted Government roster. In total, we’re responsible for 142 wins in the UK, and 357 globally – with Havas Creative proudly sitting #1 on R3’s global new business league.

In the UK, we were tasked with achieving £17m in revenue from new business – or 10% of total revenue. We’ve already smashed that target – delivering £20m in revenue, 18% above our initial target. Globally, we were tasked with delivering a whopping €95m of revenue from new business. To date, we’ve delivered €104m in revenue – €9m above our initial target.

Remarkably, this means that in 2021, we’re responsible for more than 20% of Havas Creative’s total revenue.

Not a bad year’s work for one team – if we do say so ourselves.