Haygarth Group Limited

Looking at the numbers, 2019-2021 has been one of the most successful periods in Haygarth’s 37-year history with a whopping 39% increase in net revenue, achieved during a global pandemic!

But the financials alone don’t tell the whole story.

Faced with one of the biggest shifts in consumer behaviour in our lifetimes, we took the opportunity to reassess our entire offering – from the work we do and how we communicate it, to working practices and even our office environment.

With Covid showing little signs of abating, we’d be lying if we said we knew exactly what the future holds. What we do know is that to offer our clients the genuine leadership and direction they crave, we needed to react in a way which shunned traditional advertising and marketing boundaries, and instead reflected the instantaneous and intuitive needs of today’s consumers.

And it was not only changing consumer needs that were important to reflect. Whilst many of our people were keen to return to the collaborative buzz of the office, few wanted to return to being a slave to the commute five days a week so greater flexibility was called for both in how and when we work.

That’s why in 2021, we redefined what an integrated agency can be – for our people, and for our clients. Through a combination of creating a truly integrated proposition, a broadening of our skills and capabilities, and a reinvigoration of our culture, we’ve evolved to embrace today’s new world.