Hill+Knowlton Strategies

2020 has been a year where we needed to show up, look after our people, and continue to demonstrate to businesses of every shape and size, across every sector and market, how to protect reputation, navigate risk, and find new means of growth.

At H+K London we doubled down on our resolve to always be innovating the future of public relations. We reaffirmed and strengthened our commitment to our core tenets of collaboration, commitment and equality. We made measurable changes to our business operations for the better, supercharging progress on equality, diversity and inclusion, modernising our business, improving our ways of working. We invested in our talent. We delivered brave creative work for clients that’s earned attention. We developed new tools and products to help them adapt and grow into new industries and markets. We protected reputations in some of the most challenging contexts we’ve ever experienced.

We worked intensely, from new places and in new ways, to survive together and even thrive. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, in so many different ways, but we have a lot to celebrate. We end this year optimistic about the future.