Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Our world has changed. At Hill+Knowlton Strategies we’ve listened and adapted. In 2022 we renewed our commitment to our ‘always in beta’ mindset:

- Our industry has changed – so we found new ways to innovate our work, rewarded with 62 award wins, including Gold at Cannes. An all-time H+K record! - Our work has changed – so we adapted, from subverting category norms to creating real world change, helping our clients drive commercial growth, manage risk, and protect their reputations. - Our clients have changed – so we changed with them, seeing significant double-digit growth as a result. - Our ways of working have changed – so we gave our Clerkenwell Green home a makeover, enhancing the benefits of communal working, while fully committing to flexibility. - Our people’s needs have changed – so we deepened our commitment to DE&I, scaled-up specialists in data and analytics, creativity and craft, and broadened our training.

H+K is changed and changing.