Jackie Stevenson

The Brooklyn Brothers

2021 for Jackie and The Brooklyn Brothers has been one of the best years yet. Jackie's infectious energy, unwavering belief in powering up everyone she works with and determination to never accept the status quo has proved that empathetic, supportive, dynamic leadership can make even the hardest tasks possible.

As well as driving client's growth with a wealth of culturally relevant work, Jackie and Brooklyn have led the way in championing diversity and social inclusion with the return of Night School and the second year of News School as it expands globally. All whilst emerging from a pandemic…

Brooklyn's brave brand platforms have delivered huge impact this year; cleaned up at TV award shows with Ted Lasso, started a global movement encouraging white parents to talk to their children about race with 'Dear White Parents', invited industry leaders to commit to the world they want to create with 'Letters to this new world', made the streets safer by speaking out against sexual harassment with 'Give Her Space', and championed sustainability with 'Unf*ck It.'

As well as supporting her clients whose spend remained consistent, The Brooklyn Brothers also attracted 48 opportunities generating a total of £12m of new business billings.

Jackie led from the front in changing the ad agency landscape on gender diversity. While the government was losing interest in gender pay gap reporting, Jackie spearheaded a social media and campaigning blitz to get it reinstated and promote the gender equality agenda within the industry and beyond. She also implemented the 'Do you' vision and empowered her teams to work as they wished.

100% of entry level recruits were ethnically diverse, and the Night School and News School programmes have now supported over 98 diverse graduates. Here's to many more.

Jackie's Agency Head of The Year submission curated quotes from mentees, collaborators and talent; those who have experienced the impact of Jackie's phenomenal leadership.