Jonathan Emmins, Amplify

Born out of creative frustration Emmins founded Amplify back in 2008 as “a home for creative people and clients” and has gone on to building his and the agency’s reputation as a progressive leader in the industry.

With ‘live’ being off the table for much of 2020 he seized the opportunity to continue his mission to push creative boundaries, challenge restrictive formats, and evolve brand experience. No better example of this was Amplify’s recent global launch of PlayStation®5, spanning 25 territories and blurring the lines between experience, out of home, content and digital.

“We're only as good as the talented individuals who choose to call Amplify home” underlines Emmins belief in and duty of care towards the team.

Emmins made an open commitment back in April that his priority was “to get everyone through to the other side” and he has done exactly that.

Emmins delivered on that ambition by ensuring Amplify was visible and vocal as a calm, positive and pragmatic voice to help clients, existing and new, navigate challenging times. Consequently, Amplify won 22 new clients, 16 which were added post the first lockdown, totalling £5.1m of new business in 2020 and considerably more for 2021.

Emmins belief in ‘passing the baton on’ saw him mentor numerous individuals and agencies, including Warm Street and Seed, create a new UK management structure and externally deliver Amplify's social mission through work with Brixton Finishing School and Isla, an initiative focused on creating a sustainable future for the live experiences industry.