Lucky Generals

If leadership in 2020 was all about crisis management, in 2021 it was about building for the future.

In Lucky Generals’ case that meant forgetting the fact that we had just turned 8 years old and reimagining ourselves as a start-up all over again.

This spirit of renewal not only led to some of our best ever work, it generated: •Our highest ever billings •Our highest ever revenue •Our biggest ever profit •Our best ever new business performance •Our highest ever headcount •Our best ever employee satisfaction scores •The UK ad industry’s only Emmy nomination (plus lots of other gongs) •Oh – and a best-selling book

At a time when the very future of agencies is increasingly being called into question, we’re leading the way with a model that is creative, commercial, ethical and sustainable. Or as we said when we launched: “A creative company for people on a mission.”