Lucky Generals

We don’t have a massive marketing team at Lucky Generals. We believe our best promotional material is the work we do for our clients and we’ve built a culture where everybody is an ambassador for the brand. That said, we do have four dedicated generals – Vickie, Fiona, Noel and Rebecca – who lead the charge on marketing, backed by a whole army.

In the last year, their efforts have continually built the idea that Lucky Generals is “a creative company for people on a mission”: •They led programmes like Quarantime (daily events during lockdown) and Marching Forward (championing diversity and equality) •They curated our physical office space, communicating our brand to every visitor •They carried the spirit of our people into our owned channels, focusing on social media engagement within popular culture and a transparent approach on our website •They super-charged the launch of Go Luck Yourself, generating media coverage, earning the #1 spot in Amazon’s Marketing section and raising thousands for Commercial Break •They explored PR and event opportunities that went beyond the traditional ad agency beat

The marketing team strategy has been effective in generating huge demand from new prospects and led to our best ever new business year.