Mags & Paul

Paul and Magnus are the brains behind some of OLIVER’s most progressive creative work. Together, they have generated big ideas that have led to big awards, with boundary pushing campaigns that demand attention for brands.

Their award winning ‘Pre-Hated Marmite’ campaign drove Marmite lovers to eBay to buy second hand Marmite. While their ‘Christmas NFTree’ captured the imagination of marketeers around the world by being one of the world’s first carbon negative NFTs. Plus they’ve just dropped Barclaycard into Tik Tok in a way that can’t be ignored.

Yet, their work and dedication doesn’t stop at the creative. They are both determined to make a positive impact on future generations. Paul is a passionate advocate of sustainability, putting production practices in place for OLIVER’s Ad Green standard. And Magnus sits on the ChangeBoard that ensures diversity, equity and inclusivity is front and centre for the company.

Overall, these two are brilliant creatives with a well-rounded capacity for progressive leadership. Always hungry, always willing to learn, always sharing and always there when you need them.