Manifest – The agency of tomorrow

Manifest’s ambition is not just to be a leading agency today, but one that drives what comes tomorrow. We want to evolve businesses, not just improve them. Rather than compete in creative industries, we redefine them. That vision of driving a better future spans every part of our business. Across the work we do with clients such as Gousto, Jameson and Tommee Tippee to demonstrably increase their market share, the deliberately developmental initiatives we develop for our team to help shape careers for life, the workplace culture we create that means 25% of our team had the chance to work across the world this year, or for the standards we set ourselves for pro-bono work and supporting under-represented groups in the industry, we're steadfast in our commitment to go beyond great today, and define a better standard for tomorrow. Now in its fifteenth year, the evolution of Manifest since its inception is a testament to this unwavering endeavour. With a global proposition, a renowned reputation, a roster of world-changing clients, and a team of best in class talents — we continue to redefine what’s expected of a communications agency.