Mediahub UK

What a year!

We know our profile is lower than our competitors. Despite this, we grew revenue 40% in 2020, a further 50% this year and are set to increase by another 40% in 2022. Yep, that’s trebling in two years.

We’ve won a succession of pitches against the biggest and the best. There’s been meaty organic growth and a bunch of unsolicited appointments from iconic forward-thinking brands.

Our star-studded client list of fast growing, globally renowned companies need an agency to help them challenge the conventions of their categories. Companies like Farfetch, Twitch, New Balance, Pinterest, Formula-E, Slack, Headspace, Fuji, the NHS, Western Union, AkzoNobel, and even the scrumptious Little Moons.

We blend humanity, creativity and technology to deliver them an unfair share of attention, and our ‘Hub’ approach, centralising strategy, activation and learning further increases efficacy. Our NHS and Western Union work has won many awards both locally and globally in categories from strategy through to search and econometrics. We on-boarded 50+ Mediahubbers in 2021 growing from 40 to 100+ people by year end. A highly diverse and talented group, nurtured by experienced leadership and the industry’s best people team. We lead by example and are a loud voice on social inclusion.

Not bad for a company with a low profile.

Imagine how tough it was to achieve all this without the benefit of greater awareness in the market.

Imagine what’s possible now more people have heard of us.

This is us. We are Mediahub.