The marketing industry cannot rely on doing the things it’s always done. We have to think differently, operate differently and approach agency life with a different attitude.

In 2021, Merkle has achieve exceptional growth, achieving 6.3% revenue growth, almost double last year with in year new business revenue totalling £15.4m.

We have done all this whilst enhancing our business by hiring key leadership, launching tech consultancy services and scaling some of our current practices to support clients to make the transformation they need to deliver a total customer experience.

We have strengthened our CXM offer, becoming integral to our client’s ambitions to help them make becoming truly customer focussed a reality and supporting them through that change.

None of this would be possible without our amazing Merkle talent. DEI is hard baked into our culture and leadership philosophy. Our stellar growth is a reflection of our amazing talent and their ability to deliver business growth for our clients. We are an agency firmly aligned with the future.