Momentum Worldwide

At Momentum Worldwide, we all live by the creed of ‘it’s not what brands say, it’s what they do that matters.’

Throughout the pandemic, we continued to help our brand partners embrace humanity again knowing that the human need for experiences would never, ever stop. So, we gave rebirth to our core business across dynamic ground-breaking digital experiences delivering intimacy at scale, but also coaxing our clients back into the beautiful, colourful real world.

2021 saw the world slowly begin to emerge from the months of enforced isolation. A year of live experiential hibernation began to end, and we reconnected. We gave clients hope and our staff a new home. 135 Bishopsgate became a symbol of our rebirth and re-emergence. Coaxing our people and clients back into the beautiful real world. If ever there was a year of dialling up our Humanity, this was it.

Our agency-wide focus on enhancing our product and our diversity has paid dividends. Making 2021, despite its many challenges, another bumper year of new business and awards wins.

But none of this would not have been possible without our commitment to increasing the Humanity of our agency. An agency in which every individual is wholeheartedly encouraged to believe they are empowered and equipped to make change as, when, and where they see it to be necessary.

As we end 2021, we love the sense of reconnection and the human inspiration we glean from ‘returning to live’ as we bring people back together.