Mother London

It’s been 25 years since we opened Mother’s doors. In that time we’ve seen a lot change, but our place in this advertising world has remained consistent: to challenge how things are done and make our mothers proud.

We think this year has really been one to remember. Mother has more people than ever. We’ve welcomed more clients who really believe in creativity. The work we’ve created includes making KFC brand of the year, keeping IKEA wonderful, getting Uber back in our lives and the blockbusters for Dubai Tourism have made all our mothers proud. We even took a creative look at lockdowns, with our pandemic management being rated best out of all UK businesses.

Plus we proved that you can do all of this, whilst nurturing a healthy business - our revenue hit another record for us in 2021.

As we look forward, we hope that Mother can help everyone to improve and change our industry for the better - to help make it one that makes all our children proud.