2023 rolled on from 2022 like the giant rock ball rolling after Indiana Jones: gathering more perilous and uncontrolled. With barely a chance to catch our breath, fresh revelations about the state of the world, the state of global peace and global warming hit us with merciless regularity. Where we looked for answers about the future, we only found more complexity and more existential question marks. It had a particular effect on our thinking in 2023 - helping us to hack away at complexity wherever we found it. When it came to work, we got back to basics and focused on one thing: creativity. The conversations around purpose and how businesses behave in the wider world aren’t going anywhere, but fantastic, searingly simple ideas were the order of our day, every day in 2023. We focused on doing the best work we possibly could while keeping true to our mission to Make Our Children Proud. And it didn’t work out too badly: we won AdAge’s Purpose-led Agency of the Year and Campaign editorial team chose us as their number 1 agency.