M&S Food

This is not just an in-house agency of the year.

This is an M&S Food in-house agency of the year. And this is not just a team. This is a team that has created & produced thousands of assets across every marketing touchpoint from TV to loyalty, ad-funded programming to in-store activations. This is a team whose work has propelled M&S back into the FTSE 100 in 2023 for the first time in five years and increased the company’s share price by 75% in the last year. This is a team that delivered a £12.98 ROI for every pound invested in marketing, and with some campaigns, like the latest ‘Farm to Foodhall’ work, delivering up to £16.21. This is a diverse, extensively experienced team that has been recruited from the very best of talent from across the agency and client landscape. This is a motivated and proud team with 100% reporting that they are ‘proud to work for’ M&S Food in the most recent staff survey. And this is a team that never stops striving for excellence, with our latest 2023 Christmas campaign achieving the highest possible 5.9-star System 1 rating. This is one remarksable team, achieving truly remarksable things.