MullenLowe UK

We believe that positive dissatisfaction drives positive change. So this year, we took a long hard look at ourselves. Our work. And our industry. And made real and quantifiable change.

We were dissatisfied with creative work that just told stories. So we created work that changed the narrative. We were dissatisfied with an industry that moves too slowly to act. So we moved fast on key initiatives. We were dissatisfied at being no.10 in the new biz table. So we got to number one. And we were dissatisfied with our own branding so completely changed it. And of course, we were dissatisfied with only being shortlisted in this competition last year. So we’ve made some big calls. Like ditching individual agency brands and becoming one fully integrated agency. And we also changed up our leadership. Claire Hollands was made the new CEO. So with a female CCO, a female CSO, a new female CFO, a female CGO and a female People Director, we now have the most female executive agency line-up in the UK.