Nadja Lossgott and Nick Hulley

When Nadja and Nick were promoted to CCO's in January 2022, they took charge of a creatively brilliant agency. However, AMV was losing business and not winning new business. It needed to retain talent and attract new talent in the middle of a talent crisis. On top of that, the pandemic's toll had eroded AMV's culture of kindness. The mandate was simple. Maintain the creative brilliance. Transform everything else.

Before taking the jobs as CCO, Nadja and Nick had been the driving force behind AMV's world-beating creative output. Having won over 20 Grand Prix's at Cannes, D&AD, the One Show and Clios in their careers, in 2022, they had to swap creating the best work in the world for creating the conditions for it.

In 12 short months, they have more than fulfilled their mandate, maintaining the world-leading creative standards they helped set; bringing in diverse world-class talent from all over the world; reaping eight new business wins, and helping institutionalise progressive cultural change within the agency. All while staying true to David Abbott's mantra of "being kind to each other and the rest will take care of itself".