neverland production team


For a start-up to win producer of the year was a testament not just to Amy’s hard work, but also the talented team she had hand-picked. This was fairy dust that helped our production team fly even further in 2022, producing some the industry’s most challenging and large-scale creative feats of the year.

Now a incredibly talented gang of 5 people, neverland’s production team has not only created a vast amount of high quality work but has set a very high bar for the industry in terms of delivering leading edge craft in production.

They have made the magic happen, rewarded by a sweep of golds in craft categories at global awards shows.

On top of this, the team have launched a Craft Program within neverland to ensure we are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. Extending this ambition even further, our long-term partnership with the London Screen Academy, includes giving their students the chance to attend every one of our productions.

Creating world class work and leading world class training for our team and students – neverland’s production team are setting a high bar.