Ogilvy UK

Led by Helen Matthews, Ogilvy’s first Chief People Officer, our People Team are the overarching guardians of the agency’s employee experience, co-designing new ways to attract, retain and grow talent. Over this most challenging year, while managing people during the crisis, the team has harnessed our customer engagement strategists to apply real insights into what employees actually need to ensure that they flourish at Ogilvy.

Sitting at the heart of the team, and what motivates each and every one of them, is the core belief that our company is only as strong as our people and that maintaining humanity at the heart of organisational decisions is key. Passionate advocates for attracting diverse talent, the mission this year has been to provide an environment of true inclusivity, against a tremendously challenging backdrop, which allows all voices to thrive with a sense of belonging.

This year, we had our best ever employee satisfaction results, with 84% of our employees saying they feel proud to work at Ogilvy and 88% agreeing that Ogilvy is an Inclusive place to work – a 19% increase YOY, truly delivering against our key objective of making Ogilvy as diverse and inclusive as we can. We commit to being even better in 2021.