When the ‘house’ in ‘in-housing’ became people’s own homes instead of clients’ offices, many predicted the death of OLIVER’s innovative in-house agency model.

OLIVER, however, saw the opportunity to accelerate for clients beyond all expectations.

It became a world-leading marketing transformation company during one of the most economically challenging years on record, finally demonstrating the difference between being on-site with a brand, and being part of a brand’s operational ecosystem.

With remote collaboration, speed and efficiency all part of OLIVER’s DNA, it grew its reputation as a customer engagement and creative leader by:

- delivering over 80,000 individual campaigns in 2020

- creating Lynx’s best performing campaign of the decade

- getting nine million people across 25 countries to improve their physical and mental wellbeing with Rexona

- protecting Barclaycard’s customers against fraud, driving a 600% increase in site traffic

- condemning online bullying and fighting racism with PG Tips, winning Best Idea for Purpose and Best Reactive Idea of the year

- becoming one of the UK’s most awarded agencies of 2020 with over 50 accolades

The business provided resilience and innovation to clients when they needed it most. As a result, OLIVER grew 35%, saw revenue figures of $250 million and was named Adweek’s #1 Fastest Growing Large Agency during an economic downturn. It achieved this by accelerating its people, its processes and its technology in order to produce work that met customers’ exact wants and needs.

Here’s why OLIVER is 2020’s Customer Engagement Agency of the Year...