Olivia Packshaw


This year’s nominee is a tale of homegrown talent who’s

resilience and energy has steadied unsettled clients, brought in new business and fostered a culture of openness and kindness in our most challenging year. .

Olivia, or Liv as she is commonly known, is VCCP born and bread, starting her career here as a bright eyed and bushy tailed grad. This 2015 WACL Future Leaders Award Winner was promoted to Account Director before she turned 26. This unparalleled rise through Account

Management ensured that just 8 years after she walked through our doors, Liv was made Business Director on two of the agency’s most noteworthy accounts, easyJet and PepsiCo.

This last year has seen Liv launch VCCP’s first campaigns for

Walkers, win more of the PepsiCo portfolio, pilot a course through turbulent times for easyJet (all puns intended), and be awarded a new role within the department.