What a year!

Never before has our brand promise of Better decisions, faster meant more. We have created processes, platforms and systems to help our clients navigate the pandemic at speed, arming them with information to act faster and succeed 'now' and thrive 'next'.

Our D&I steering group turbocharged plans, as initiatives were evolved and launched to support our people during their remote working shift and tragic cultural moments were witnesses.

We launched our first ever entire network training programme. That's nearly 6000 people training together to upskill themselves on tools to help in every day working, to equip them to deliver solutions for our clients.

We launched two whitepapers on the industry revolution in retail and travel. We spoke at events, reported from events, oh and pitched.

It's been a different process this year but we are thankful to have won more net new business than any other agency, sit top of R3's latest new business league, take the #1 spot for media & digital billings with COMvergence and have been named a global leader by Forrester Wave.

We've also been named #1 by Effie Index as most effective media agency in EMEA, and although awards have been on the quieter side this year (we all missed Cannes!) we have won 101 to date, from Effie to FOMG and local award shows. We are also incredibly proud of our Nigerian team who won the first ever FOMG for an African agency.

Bring on 2021 (but minus COVID please).