Paul Hutchison

Wavemaker UK

Paul Hutchison has been CEO of Wavemaker since May 2018 and under his tenure, our ‘Positive Provocation’ mission has truly become a way of life for our people.

Known as ‘Hutch’ to the agency’s 500 staff, he’s renowned for his approachability, hands on approach to new business and inexhaustible work ethic.

With most of his leadership term taking place during a global pandemic, he has led visibly and courageously from the front—helping our clients unlock, maximise and transform their growth to cultivate better relationships, better decisions, and better deployment of their media.

He’s compassionately supported our people through a turbulent year for our industry and rallied our teams around the development of new, industry-leading products. Together with his leadership team, he’s built a culture of inclusion, innovation and addressability from the ground up, encouraging our people to challenge themselves and our clients to grow every single day.

As a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion, he’s revolutionised the way we hire and grow our talent—and  empowered our strategy teams to bake that thinking into the way we plan media for our clients too.

As a result of his leadership, this year Wavemaker has delivered exceptional growth for some of the world’s biggest brands, developed market-leading solutions for clients staring down the barrel of cookie deprecation, forged radical partnerships that are transforming the media landscape and grown its net sales by 8% and profit by 9% YOY.