Peter Grenfell, VCCP Kin

VCCP has always been about more than just the sum of its parts. It’s about combining a challenger mentality, an entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute dedication to people, both clients and staff.

No one epitomises this more than VCCP Kin’s Managing Director, Pete Grenfell, and that’s why he’s our nominee for Account Man of the year.

Pete is proudly VCCP through and through. Since 2008 he has led client accounts, run agency businesses and launched overseas offices. He truly reflects our agency belief that ‘it only works if it all works’ – throwing himself at every challenge that comes his way.

And this year, a year like no other, has seen Pete raise his game to a whole new level, delivering an outstanding body of work for global clients, continuing to build VCCP as the most contemporary agency around, and securing £5m in new business this year, just when the agency needed it most.

Pete isn’t one to put himself in the limelight, so we’re doing it for him.