2020 has been a difficult year all-round, and the media and advertising industry hasn’t been immune.

But PHD has shown resilience like no other. By putting our people and clients first, we’ve become bigger, better and stronger in 2020.

Bigger: Our rapid growth has seen PHD EMEA more than double in size over the last five years to be the 7th largest network. Despite all that 2020 could throw us, we have offset the general downturn with significant new business growth of 115 pitch wins, highlighted by the landmark win of Diageo. We end the year with a higher headcount than 2019, emphasising our continued growth.

Better: We’ve expanded our products and scope to offer clients further competitive advantage. From developments to our proprietary planning system Omni Studio, to introducing machine learning ROI. We expanded our creative and eCommerce offerings, through DRUM and Transact, with great success. Our thought leadership continues to lead the industry.

Stronger: Our priority was helping our people and clients through the pandemic and its consequences. We’ve supported PHDers through wellbeing programmes, along with further development of diversity and inclusion initiatives. For clients, we’ve reshaped campaigns and advised them daily. A testament to our strong client-agency relationships is our highest ever client advocacy scores and 54 industry accolades so far this year.

Most importantly, it’s the creativity, collaboration and resilience of our people and clients – the common thread throughout all we’ve accomplished this year – which makes PHD deserving to be EMEA Media Agency of the Year.