R/GA London

Innovation is at the core of R/GA. ‘Change’ or ‘the unknown’ are at the core of innovation. So this year we have welcomed ‘change and ‘the unknown’ with wide open arms. The result is a new level of innovation in our work and a new fully-hybrid way of getting that work done.

In 2021, we focused and invested heavily in R&D and internal innovation, launching our new Direct to Avatar capability to help brands define their role, and activate in the metaverse. We created purpose-driven innovation for Google with Auditorial: a digital experience designed to show how the web can be more accessible for blind and low-vision readers. We launched ‘Preservation Play’, an initiative that generates new revenue streams for environmental charities by flipping YouTube’s ad revenue program on its head. And we haven’t rolled back to the old ways of working, instead we’ve actively encouraged hybrid work and we’ll continue to do so. Embracing change, innovation and ‘the unknown’ has seen our business grow significantly; achieving double-digit growth, revenue up 43% & headcount 23% — while also winning new clients such as Allianz, Stone Island, Beam Suntory and Vollebak.

Change has been thrusted on every agency, we have used it to question everything, embrace ‘the unknown’ and focus hard on the thing that brings us all into work: constant innovation.