Rachael Quarmby


In 2021, Rachael Quarmby was an invaluable driving force behind Karmarama’s success. Her skill in winning new business and building strategies that lead to effective creative work made her a crucial player at the agency. Bringing her leadership skills, fresh thinking and rich insight to every brief, whilst equally passionate about improving the world, those around her and a commitment to ongoing learning.

Rachael ensures Karmarama is at the forefront of new ideas and constantly raising its game. She has established an industry-wide reputation as a change-maker, thanks to her generosity in mentoring new recruits from all walks of life as well as her active role in tackling environmental issues at every opportunity. 

She has played an important part in expanding Karmarama’s offering and expertise this year, including bringing more digital and purposeful work to Lidl CSR, Arla Protein, and the government’s Get Nature Positive push – all of which she turned into successful, innovative marketing campaigns. 

Rachael’s impact on agency culture has also been considerable. She is behind the Green Karma initiative, founded to inspire and educate herself and the agency on sustainability in a way that has an impact personally and professionally. She has also devoted much time to advancing the Karma Kadets programme, established to bring in new talent from unexpected places. 

Outside Karmarama, Rachael created the APG Junior Planner Mentoring Programme and completed Harvard University’s Sustainability Business Strategy course, having won a place on the scheme as a WACL Future Leader 2020.