Richard Kirk

After leading the agencies best-ever new business year in 2021 (winning Nestle, Uswitch, Confused, Zoopla, Lloyds, Halifax and Scottish Widows) “Kirky” spent 2022 bedding in these new clients, and he led our planning effort as we won Nando’s media account. Here, you’ll read how Rich has developed and implemented two ground-breaking new planning approaches; one for large cross-media brand campaigns, and another for ongoing performance media spend. These new approaches are generating millions in value for clients. His relentless focus on delivering clients a competitive advantage in media led a senior client to say: “if I want to know how advertising might work in general, I’ll ask Les Binet. If I want to know how it works for my brand, I’ll ask Kirky.”

Kirky is a CSO who’s passionate about planning media in new ways, he’s deeply involved in the work, and he’s outspoken on media planning, pricing or principles. He is a planner’s planner.