Saatchi & Saatchi

Jessica Ringshall

Jess is one of the industry’s brightest, best established and most respected production talents. Joining Saatchis as our first ever CPO in 2022, Jess has redefined how the discipline looks and operates within the agency. By representing production in our leadership team, Jess has ensured that the fourth discipline has a seat at every table. In addition to reshaping production into a fully integrated department, Jess has worked tirelessly to change how the agency and industry as a whole views production through thought editorials, event and judging participation, and championing emerging talent across the board.

Jess has led the output across our largest clients this year. In addition to delivering an evolving offering for the much anticipated John Lewis Christmas campaign, Jess was instrumental in delivering New EE, the agency’s biggest piece of work in 2023, alongside campaigns that have had real world impact this year, such as A Cry For Help with Pregnant Then Screwed. In addition to the work, Jess has been central to some of Saatchi’s most important initiatives, such as judging and organising the New Creators’ Showcase 2023, spearheading NCS Music.