Sarah Jenkins

One of the highest energy leaders in the industry, SJ approaches creativity, commercials and - perhaps most critically - D&I with ambition, authenticity and smarts. Put simply, she’s at the beating heart of our agency, helping to turbo charge our business and the business of our partners.

She heads up the Brand Management function of the agency, and this year rebranded the discipline from its (decades old) former name, Account Management - giving the department more accountability, drive and hustle as a result.

She leads the charge on award-winning accounts such as Direct Line and the British Heart Foundation, is a co-architect of industry re-shaping programmes such as Saatchi Ignite (a seven year partnership with Harris Academy Greenwich, that has demonstrably shifted Ofsted scores) and Saatchi Home (sustainable, scaleable affordable accommodation in London). She also helped spearhead Saatchi’s new nationwide schools platform, Upriser - launched in November 2022.

Never afraid to deliver home truths to the industry and wider business world, in 2022 SJ has written regular op-eds, spoken at events, delivered multiple podcasts and co-built a forum for 1000; WACL’s Festival of Talent.