The&Partnership UK

In one of the most challenging years on record for the advertising industry, The&Partnership has managed to thrive - commercially, culturally and creatively.

We pride itself on our fully integrated, new-model approach, stripping away legacy silos and structures to bring all marketing disciplines together in one team built around the client. Our &Model removes the barriers to creativity by giving ideas true freedom of movement between all the people who create and deliver them. Never content to stand still, in 2020 we have further evolved this model through our innovative ‘distributed’ approach to creativity, enabling us to flourish in spite of this year’s challenges.

Not only have we responded swiftly and effectively to COVID-19, creating new opportunities for our business, our people and our clients - we have also managed to defy the pandemic-driven advertising recession, winning eight major pieces of new business, and retaining all existing clients.

We have expanded our operations in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and via our distributed network of content creators worldwide, growing 10% year-on-year.

Beyond our commercial success we have hit new creative heights, winning multiple creative awards for clients including Argos and RNIB, and coveted effectiveness shortlists for British Gas.

We have effortlessly flexed across disciplines and channels, helping our clients shine online as market trends saw digital spend eclipse traditional spend for the first time.

The future of advertising most certainly is both integrated and distributed, and we believe The&Partnership’s place remains firmly at the vanguard of that future.