The Social Element

Under CEO/Founder, Tamara Littleton, and MD, Linn Frost, The Social Element in 2023 has been dedicated to creating the agency of the future, evolving into a full-service agency and committed to making social better.

In 2023 we partnered with renowned brands, diversified services and created a flywheel (‘Social Cycle’), offering content creation, engagement, and in-house training - all backed by our much trusted engagement ability. Our innovative approach, exemplified by the integration of AR for Nissan, has garnered industry recognition and we are so proud of our award wins including The Drum's "Community Manager of the Year" for social media manager, Bekah Ellis. Our performance reflects organic growth, with 44% YoY increase in client spending and a methodology that has driven efficiency, contributing to a 100% client-retention rate. Leadership have redefined the agency model, proactively engaged in industry events/media, demonstrating commitment to making social better. Talent acquisition focuses on diversity and the ability to create genuine connections. Our commitment to inclusivity is evident in our diverse workforce, with initiatives like ERGs ensuring representation across demographics. Our flexible workplace has been remote-first for 21 years allowing us to build a fantastic team of experts and a 98.8% employee-retention rate.