Tin Man

Vodafone. Virgin Atlantic. Amazon Alexa. Magnet Kitchens. Gumtree. Warner Bros Studios. Luton Airport. These are just a few of the big, blue-chip brands that chose Tin Man as their agency partner in 2022.

Hands down, this has been the best 12 months in the 9-year history of Tin Man.

We’ve strategically worked to build arguably the most enviable and exciting client list in our category.

We’ve continued to live by our Tin Man ethos, Communications with Heart - and put our people first. We’ve heavily invested in our team, our policies, our culture and the industry as a whole.

Finally - and probably most importantly - we realised the power and potential of our predominantly female run agency. The extra X chromosome (as well as our industry leading work) has meant we’ve attracted top female clients at major blue chip brands, ambitious staff who look for inspiring female leadership and a strong sense of fairness and inclusion in everything we do.

As such, we’ve grown by 43% with a profit margin of 22%. We’ve increased our head count by nearly half and we’ve won over £1.225m of new client work in the last 12 months.