TMW Unlimited

2022: A year where ‘getting back to normal’ was tantalisingly still out of reach. But who needs normal anyway?

Early in 2022, we decided to embrace the chaos, with a commitment to make something great out of it all.

To put our people first – especially more junior colleagues – so they could spend more time focussing on developing their talents, skills and careers, and less time worrying about the other stuff.

To find, pursue and win projects that would allow us to make a positive difference, and to back ourselves against all competition – leading to us winning the UK’s biggest integrated pitch of the year for the Cabinet Office.

And to help our clients navigate uncertainty by producing ever better, more insightful, more impactful work – including being highly awarded for our work with Vodafone, Freesat and the Trussell Trust.

Our passionate belief was that doing all of this would enable us to thrive as an agency – culturally, ethically and financially – and to continue to deliver on our proposition, Ideas that Move People. This resulted in us adding 25 new members of staff and increasing revenue by 10% during 2022. A difference we’re justifiably proud of.