Uncommon Creative Studio

‘The woods are burning’ has never been truer. Almost every sector in the last decade has been disrupted and 2020 brought even more challenges. A year of fear and change across politics, climate change, our industry and the ongoing uncertainty of a global pandemic. Most agencies rested on their laurels and adopted safety tactics just to survive. However, at Uncommon we believed there’s never been a more urgent time to put our philosophy to work.

We have actively thrived in these unsettling times, putting our thinking and brands to the test, to make stuff that mattered. From creating the most recognised mental health campaign in the UK with ITV, creating a fund with Ecover to support sustainable new businesses, making over 100,000 units of hand sanitiser with BrewDog to finding 4 dogs new homes with the brewery too. We also brought the RA Summer Exhibition to tens of millions of people, championed black voices in football with Beats by Dre, produced the most important film for the UK’s biggest public service TV channels in lockdown and raised £10K to support the hospitality sector.

We’ve made famous work that mattered and we’re never finished.

We launched three years ago, with three people, three borrowed desks and no clients. In that time, we have grown to over 70 people with more than 30 brands, over £14m in turnover and growing our ethical coffee business globally with sales of 30k capsules a month.

Here’s to making an even bigger dent in 2021.