Uncommon Creative Studio

At Uncommon, we’ve been fuelled by the disarray and disruption 2021 brought and believed there’s never been a more urgent time to put our philosophy to work. We have actively thrived in these unsettling times, putting our thinking and brands to the test, to really help make stuff that mattered in the world. We’ve shown there is a better way forward for the industry. We’ve been a flagbearer for purpose, independence and creativity. Brands like H&M show we can now do this at scale, not just in the UK.

We started four years ago, with three people, three borrowed desks and no clients. Since then, despite a global pandemic, we have grown to over 95 people with more than 37 brands and over £24m in turnover. We’ve never stopped making, banging the drum and pushing for excellence. This year alone, crafting over 50 projects launching across the UK, US, Europe & Asia. We’ve launched a new design and CX capabilities. And, as an independent studio, we have just won the global creative and CRM account for the iconic British Airways, against holding group WPP. Finally, we launched a mission driven accelerator in our basement. We’re building brands that matter and we’re never finished.