2020 has been a year where no-one escaped unscathed, and we certainly took a few knocks along the way. But, looking back there’ve been many achievements that we’d be proud of in a ‘normal’ year.

For starters, we won the most high profile UK pitch of the year, Walkers. We expanded our global client roster, from 5 global clients to 10. And it's been the most unprecedented year (we had to get it in there somewhere) for us on the new business front too - welcoming 65 new clients across the group. Most importantly, we knew our colleagues were under more pressure than they’ve ever been. Work, family, homeschooling, illness, isolation, all of it. We devoted our energies to supporting our teams more than ever before, and we’re proud of how we’ve managed to do that.

We know things will continue to be tough but we go into 2021 with our heads held high. We’ve created a “Winning the Rebound” strategic playbook for our clients that is all about ensuring they gain an unfair share of the rebound in consumer spend.

And whilst being optimistic has always served us well, we think there’s never been a greater need and time for role models of positivity in our industry and beyond.